JJack Tyrrell       
                  ~   Piano Instruction
Jack Tyrrell - Pianist


  Many of my beginning students often ask,
  "How long will it take before I can play the piano?

        My response is that learning is a process that requires a personalized approach. Not all students   
      learn at the same pace nor have the same strengths or weaknesses. Some will acquire skills quickly
      while others blossom later.
 Musical mastery takes TIME,  CONSISTENCY and PRACTICE.

  Am I too old to learn how to play?

      Absolutely Not! Learning does not have an age limit attached to it. In fact, studies have shown that
      the more you stimulate your brain the more efficiently it works. It's very much like exercising the   
      body. In my studio practice I currently teach many adults who have either retired or are still part of   
      the workforce.  Today more and more adults are taking piano lessons for a multitude of reasons.
      For more information I encourage you to visit this website:  
MusicalFossils  I'm sure you will find it
      very interesting.

  Do I need to purchase a piano?

      It depends. If you have a piano in good working condition or an electronic keyboard that meets the
requirements, you are good to go. If not, you will need to purchase one before your first    

  What happens if I can't make a lesson?
      Although regular lesson attendance is important and encouraged to promote consistent growth,      
      sometimes events occur that prevent one from taking a lesson. In this case, please refer to my
 Studio Policy to view the terms of non-attendance.

  How much do I need to practice?

      This is an age old question that does not have a simple answer. The usual response is to practice
      for a prescribed number of minutes a day. The true key to progress lies in how
efficiently, not how
      long, you practice.  Learning to practice correctly is an art in itself. I provide all my students with the
      necessary techniques and strategies to maximize their practice time.