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Jack Tyrrell - Pianist


      If you don't already own a piano or an electronic keyboard, you will need to purchase at least a keyboard
   before your first lesson. (Buying a piano is beyond the scope of this website).  If you're buying an electronic
   keyboard, keep these recommendations in mind. Your keyboard should have:

Minimum of 61 keys (5 octaves)
Touch Sensitivity (the slower/faster you tap the key, the softer/louder the volume)
Sustain Pedal  (or has an input in the back to accept one)
MIDI ports (most come equipped)

   For this type of keyboard you should expect to pay between $200 and  $400. Keyboards come in many
   brand names and models within each brand name. Their price range spans from less than $100 to several
   thousand dollars. Understand that the keyboard you're buying is for practice purposes only.  It is not a
   professional instrument. Try not to be swayed by extra features that do not match your purpose. The most
   important feature should be how it sounds; specifically,
how realistic the piano samples are.  Finally, most
   keyboards do not come with keyboard stands or music racks. They are usually purchased separately.

                                       Keyboard Shopping

      In addition to your local  music store, you might consider these large chain stores for the purchase of your
   first keyboard.

                       Best Buy                             Costco                               Radio Shack
                       Circuit City                          Guitar Center                  Sam Ash Music