JJack Tyrrell       
         ~   Piano Instruction
Jack Tyrrell - Pianist

    “Jack’s expertise in both classical and jazz music styles has given me a broad and satisfying musical
    experience.  Jack provided me focused study techniques that have gotten me past many learning
    obstacles.  One of Jack's greatest assets as a teacher is his ability break down complex musical tasks
    into simple steps, which the student can handle.”
                                                                                  ~ Chuck  M.

        "As a home schooling mother of seven,  I want to take a moment to thank you for all the meticulous care
         and well thought-out approach you have taken towards the instruction of my daughters for the past four
         years.  I have seen wonderful growth and improvement in both their technical and artistic ability as piano
         players.  I am so grateful that you have always been steadfast in your expectations and that your
         expectations are high.  Your careful and thorough teaching has enabled both of my daughters to play in
         both public and private settings with ease and confidence.  Because you have taught them well, they now
         like to play for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of others."
                                                                                                        ~ Kerri D.                                                       

    “Many piano players offer lessons, but Jack Tyrrell is a patient, talented, superb teacher of piano.  
    With Jack you don't  take lessons, you become a piano player! “
                                                                                                               ~ Louis R.

    “As a vocalist seeking piano instruction for the first time as an adult, Jack Tyrrell has been an excellent
    teacher.  Now in my third year of study, with the dream of accompanying myself, that dream is becoming
    a reality thanks to Jack’s knowledge, patience, methods, and encouragement.  He has been a joy to
    study with and his sense of humor has helped me overcome my self-consciousness.  As a result I am
    really enjoying the journey of learning to play the piano.”
                                                                                             ~ Claudia H.

    “For the past two years that I have been taking lessons from Mr. Tyrrell, I can definitely see a change
    in my piano playing and have seen myself improve as a student.  When I started taking lessons from
    Mr. Tyrrell, I had already known the basics of the piano and how to learn music, but Mr. Tyrrell has taken
    that further with showing me there is more to playing music than just knowing the notes -- such as
    technique and style.  Overall, having Mr. Tyrrell as my piano teacher has expanded my knowledge of
    music and has helped me to improve my piano playing.”
                                                                                           ~Tanya H.

    ”I first heard Jack Tyrrell play and was in awe of his ability several years before I found out that he
    provides piano instruction at all levels.  Once I decided that I wanted to learn how to play the piano,
    I called Jack. He created a lesson plan tailored to me as an older adult having no piano experience.  
    Jack recommended easy listening beginner music of all genres (specifically for adults) most of which  
    I’d heard and had been humming or whistling throughout my life.   Besides helping me to become
    technically proficient, he is fostering a tastefulness in my playing so that it has both feeling and depth.  
    The lesson plans that Jack creates allow me to work at my own pace given my busy lifestyle.  I’m in my
    third year now and enjoying the practice as much as playing the songs I'm learning."                 
                                                                                                                                             ~ Sam P.

    “It’s great to have Mr. Tyrrell as a piano teacher.  If you have a question about one of the songs you
    are learning, or even asking what note it is he’s ALL ears and will answer it without a doubt.  You will
    learn a lot while taking classes here.  I know especially because this is much better than from the place
    I used to take them.”
                                         ~ Jillian V.

    "Jack is a really excellent teacher and mentor who tailors lessons to the individual student rather than
    taking a "cookie cutter” approach.  He brings in materials from many sources, allowing students to
    become well-rounded and able to discover new thoughts and ideas for themselves.  If you are interested
    in music theory, you couldn't ask for a better teacher.  Jack developed a theory course which includes
    clear, concise instruction coupled with student worksheets.  The course begins with the basics and
    progresses to more difficult concepts, each lesson building on the ones before.  This course ignited my
    interest in studying music theory, which I continue to do.   Jack has helped me to develop and expand
    my love of music and the piano in ways I never thought possible."
                                                                                                           ~ Jean F.

      "Mr. Tyrrell is a nice person to be around; both as a teacher and a friend.  I should know because I've   
      been taking piano lessons from him for five years.  He knows his material and is able to give good advice."

                                                                                                                            ~ Alex H.

    “At age 50 I wanted to begin taking piano lessons.  It was intimidating to take the first step into the area
    of the unknown.  An adult friend of mine was taking lessons from Jack and recommended him with great
    praise.  Jack immediately eliminated any fear I had.  It has been several years now and I still look forward
    to my weekly lesson.”
                                                        ~ Pat W.

    “Mr. Jack Tyrrell is not only an exceptional musician, but also a one-of-a-kind person.  I have known
    him for a little over 10 years now, and with every passing year he grows in his capabilities of teaching
    and instilling worthwhile values within his students.  Over the years I have grown from his teaching, and
    I think that I will carry his lessons with me always.  As I will be going to college next year, I feel confident
    that I will strive to succeed, and a part of that I owe to Mr. Jack Tyrrell.”
                                                                                                                        ~ Diane P.